Eldritch Ways

The Thing at The Threshold - Session 1

Setting Davenham – small port town near Arkham.

The Investigators are hired by Simon Ulrich, an apparent friend of the Crosswell family. The Investigators learn about the tragedy at the Crosswell house and about the Murder of the Mr. Crosswell’s wife, the son Peter Crosswell was then committed to Arkham and Howard Crosswell apparently disappeared over the years. Simon asks the Investigators to please check on Peter and make sure that everything is well.

The Investigator’s look about town trying to learn as much as possible and end up finding about an escaped madman named Monsieur Navet, he attacks some policemen and runs off into the night. The players later find that Monsieur Navet is now working at the bakery and manage to track him down as he attacks the PC’s dressed up as the headless horseman. The Investigators subdue him and manage to send him back to Arkham. The Investigators also realize that Simon Ulrich is actually the doctor that took care of Peter Crosswell in Arkham.

Later that evening the Investigators meet with Peter Crosswell at what remains at his home, before doing so they find the remnants of the family dogs collar, along with a great deal of money. The investigators keep both of these things, along with a drawing they picked up from the Asylum that Peter had drawn as a child. The drawing appears to be of a huge gaping maw and many apendages, the Investigators are rather puzzled. The Investigators continue to find clues and do reasearch, slowing uncovering that Howard Crosswell was involved in some narafious business and is traveling abroad as a priest. Not long after the Investigators figure this out do they stumble into the cellar by dropping a stove through the floor of the kitchen. In the cellar the Investigators are greeted by a huge gibbering mass of teeth and flesh (like the in picture drawn by Peter as a child). The Investigators try to attack the beast, but it appears to ignore them and instead flees into the night.

End of Session 1.



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